Cancer patient gets an expert second opinion


“We cannot thank SmartBridge Health enough! We contacted SmartBridge to request a second opinion about my father’s cancer and treatment as he battles stage IV esophageal cancer. We were able to do this from the comfort of our home, online, and in a safe and confidential way. The whole process was extremely fast. It only took a few days for us to receive their insightful and comprehensive report.

The SmartBridge oncologist was personable and professional and performed a very thorough review and summary of my father’s entire oncologic care (including ER visits, weekly test results, medical notes, and treatment). It was very helpful to review the personalized educational component of my father’s type of cancer and cancer care concepts. 

The SmartBridge oncologist provided his impression and recommendations. He agreed with my father’s current treatment plan, and explained in detail WHY he came to these conclusions (that was very important for us). Also, he explained my father’s options moving forward, including standard of care treatments and clinical trials near us, which provided us with a lot of hope. 

It has been a blessing for us to receive confirmation from a world-class oncologist that my father’s treatment is the right option. We will definitely continue consulting with SmartBridge through this difficult battle against cancer, and highly recommend SmartBridge Health for your second opinion needs!" — S.H. (USA)