Patient caught the doctor's error

Cavellier picture.jpg

A prostate cancer survivor said he caught a mistake during diagnosis. Ken Cavellier explained he had to react quickly. 

"The problem I had was that my doctor had misread the path report. And so when I left the office, I made the decision that I needed to find a new doctor." 

Cavellier spoke with SmartBridge Health at the #ZEROSummit2018 in Washington, DC. As a prostate cancer survivor, he tells others to always get a second opinion on the cancer diagnosis. 

Cavellier also emphasized his luck when his next-door neighbor was a physician. The access to the medical expert was critical when researching his cancer.

"Because any time you’re told you have cancer, that’s a life changing conversation that you have. And no one wants to have it but people do every day," he said. 

"And it’s a matter of how do you deal with it. And so I was trying to deal with it as professionally as I could and as quickly as I could...and to gather as much information. And honestly, it was from the internet, it was from my neighbor who is not involved in prostate cancer but just happened to be a physician. So it’s very good that you go get that second opinion."